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Can a person buy more than one site with the same name of the domain?

It is quite obvious that when you have to build an online presence, you’ll need to take care of numerous aspects to run your site successfully. In Australia, the major issue that people face while optimizing their companies or business sites, online, is the lack of links and a lower online exposure. To fill up this gap, people tend to focus on developing and organizing more than one site with the same set up and domain names but with a different TLD. In that way, they could get more exposure to the potential customers and clients, worldwide. For this, you can find the option to register domain names that you want to buy on a Domain name registration site.

You can easily search up for various domain names for the sites that offer registration or website hosting services. After you have done a proper domain name search you may find a name that is available and you can also check out for the availability of that name within other TLDs, like if you have got a domain with a TLD called, .com, then you can also buy the same name with a different TLD like .org, .tv, .info etc. It would be a great idea if you do so, as this will help you increase your online presence and hence the exposure that your company will get at a broader perspective.

In case you have concerns with purchasing multiple domains or need to get help for building and managing multiple websites, you may ask for help from a professional website builder. You can either get such services from the hosting or registration sites or may opt to get the privately.

But the fact is that, it is not an odd, to buy several domains with the similar name and a different TLD, which can be hosted on a single web hosting service. This method has a huge role in developing a trustworthy, well established brand, online.

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